ILTA Big Data Series: Beginning Statistical Analysis Webinar

By Deborah Dobson posted 07-01-2015 09:42


We recently recorded the latest in the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) webinar series - "How Big Data Can Solve Problems." 

Today, companies are demanding bigger discounts, lower rates and more efficiency from their lawyers -- compelling law firms and in-house legal departments to produce summaries and statistical analyses of their work and results. This high-level statistics refresher will help you understand and apply basic statistics to your legal operations practice, whether in a firm or in-house.

Click here to listen to the recorded webinar.

Speaker: Rebecca Holdredge, a Manager in Bryan Cave's practice economics group, helps create innovative approaches to pricing and project management for legal engagements. As part of her practice, she assists clients and lawyers in identifying ways to improve efficiency while maintaining and improving quality by leveraging technology and improving work processes. As an actuary and attorney, she brings a unique perspective in applying mathematics and statistics to a law firm setting.